Welcome to the 2009 season with the GSR racing family at Motor Mile Speedway!

Race Recap April 4, 2009 Motor Mile Speedway

The GSR team is running a split schedule this season with some races in the Limited Sportsman Division and others in the Late Model Stock Division. For the next few races, Greg will be racing with the Limited guys sporting the #83 in competition. Since it was the first race of the year, Greg and the guys took the car for a shake down practice earlier in the week. They were very happy with the results of that practice and excited for the first race of the year to get underway!
Race day was a beautiful spring day with some wind. The team got the car ready for practice and Greg took to the track. At the end of the first practice session, the GSR #83 was third on the board. Greg decided to sit out the second practice but did go out for the third. At the end of that session, Greg was 2nd on the board and looking forward to qualifying. Greg decided to have a clean run without pushing the car too hard and had a great qualifying run at 6th out of 22 cars.
When the race began, Greg quickly began moving up through the field and was 3rd by lap 9. There was plenty of good racing with him trying to get past the #7 of Matt Taylor to get to the #07 of Roger Parrish, Jr. However, during a caution around lap 30, Greg and the team realized that the car was overheating and losing water. Greg decided that he better bring the car in to the attention of the team. The team checked the car and discovered that there was a small cut on the lower radiator hose. Although the team was disappointed, the GSR #83 was a contender and had a great showing. We'll get them next time!

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